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What Does It Mean To Buy a Gif?

2021-03-20. Making sense of the NFT craze.

Holiday Hippo

2018-12-30. Making a small gift out of wood.

November Sketchbook

2017-11-30. A few pieces of generative art I made this month.


2017-10-11. Leaving walled gardens.

March Sketchbook

2017-03-31. A few pieces of generative art I made this month.

Gumball Machine

2016-03-16. The simplest physics demo.

February Sketchbook

2016-02-29. A few pieces of generative art I made this month.

She had been a lead...

2016-01-20. Xenobiology.

Claude was jolted from deep...

2016-01-13. Fecundity.

Kim Seo-yeon deftly aligned...

2016-01-08. Craft.

She climbed down the ladder...

2016-01-05. Leaving.

The morning air looks...

2016-01-04. Seeing.

Steer board to the starboard...

2016-01-01. Starting.

Rules of the Game

2015-12-31. This year’s Januariad is different.


2015-11-23. A showcase for some quality libraries.

October Quil Report

2015-10-31. A few representative pieces of the Quil artwork I made this month.

Do you then show me your improvement in these things?

2015-05-29. Wisdom from the ages.

ASCII-fying Paul Ford

2014-10-09. Pixels to letters.

Drum Circle

2014-08-11. A little Euclidean rhythm toy.

Bicycle Beginnings

2014-02-12. Falling in love with pedaling.

Where is the good weather?

2014-02-09. Asking weather stations where to live.

Pollen gathered out...

2014-01-29. Bees.

Voice transmission...

2014-01-28. Lasts.

The NYPD took Herbert...

2014-01-27. Conservation.

Behind the blue black veil...

2014-01-24. Firsts.

Drawing a metal stylus back...

2014-01-23. War.

In this tale...

2014-01-22. Party etiquette.

The apparition of my youthful...

2014-01-21. Invention.

The family’s tears were...

2014-01-20. Loss.

I was the son of...

2014-01-17. Genealogy.

And the Lord said...

2014-01-15. Stay.

It ended suddenly...

2014-01-14. Endings.

The steamer drifted south...

2014-01-13. Keep down the night quiet.

The program started off with a bang...

2014-01-10. Recursive.

Blue eyes flashed hot...

2014-01-09. Meeting.

The outcasts in the...

2014-01-08. Laws.

She knocked late one night...

2014-01-07. Being found.

They put the stamp of finality...

2014-01-06. Time.

Takk, he whispers...

2014-01-03. Ending.

Finishing knife and fork...

2014-01-02. Aging.

He lived there in the wind...

2014-01-01. Meeting.

Leopards in the Source Code

2013-10-25. Re-factoring.

Functions, how do they work?

2013-09-02. A quick explanation for a friend.

Berlin Ghost Ship

2013-08-26. Prepare to be boarded.

On Object Orientation

2013-07-29. A different perspective on object orientation.

Citibike Availability Visualized

2013-06-08. The first week of New York’s new bicycle sharing system.

Sing, O Muse

2013-05-15. Echoes across time.

Borges, Boyer and Atran

2013-04-06. Minimally counterintuitive worlds.

Seamus set out to sea...

2013-01-31. Endings.

Blue smoke rose straight up...

2013-01-30. Breaking and entering.

Hernando was sipping...

2013-01-29. As was prophesied.

A note left on the floor...

2013-01-28. Apocalypse.

I can find some excuse...

2013-01-25. Young love.

Seated against a tall tree...

2013-01-24. Desire.

Michael would have her...

2013-01-23. Desire.

It was your idea, you know...

2013-01-22. Saudade.

Two noble beasts born...

2013-01-21. Passion.

People after lashing themselves...

2013-01-18. Longer lasting than life.

Cast from light...

2013-01-17. Alien eggs.

They rented a hot airless...

2013-01-16. Romance, again.

The fog, a breath of thick hovering sea

2013-01-14. Romance, again.

Pierrot’s Sadness

2013-01-11. Happiness.

Somewhere Deep Inside a Dream

2013-01-10. Social media.

They were reunited for the first time

2013-01-10. Lost romance fleetingly regained.

We Sat Silent

2013-01-08. Feelings.

Father Belloc was well acquainted

2013-01-07. Sins.

Why Do They Always Come at Dawn?

2013-01-04. Biography.

Fugitive Phosphorescence

2013-01-03. Biography.

Romantic Shanty

2013-01-02. On waiting and returning.

Dawn-sniffing bleary

2013-01-01. Remembering.

Markov Creativity

2012-12-22. Things now coming can be told before they are known.

From the Particular to the General

2012-12-13. Lessons.

Detective Novels

2012-12-10. On literary forms.

Where Will the Books Go?

2012-11-08. Choose wisely.

Valery and Attributional Accuracy

2012-08-01. Your hero didn’t say that, but they probably meant it.

Peasant Digging

2012-01-31. Begin at the end.

I suppose it started when I was a child

2012-01-30. Togetherness.

Pilotless Drone Hotline

2012-01-27. Customer service.

Pierre Stopped a Mugging

2012-01-26. Superheroics.

Pale Old Finucane

2012-01-25. Plowing.

Diary of Sebastian Van Der Sloot

2012-01-24. Invisible Hands.

Jared Marechal Took His Eye

2012-01-23. Managing human resources.

Istanbul Sweet Shop

2012-01-19. A bedtime story.


2012-01-18. As long as it lasts.


2012-01-13. A taxi ride from the inside.

Lenny, the Bagder

2012-01-12. Finding your place in the world.


2012-01-11. Boy’s best friend.

Carmine and Josephina

2012-01-10. Always pay your debts.


2012-01-09. Asleep within a crater.

A Long Time Ago

2012-01-06. In a place whose name I do not care to remember.

Relationship Insurance

2012-01-05. Claims.

Franz Reichelt

2012-01-04. Sartorially splendid.

Tornado Took It

2012-01-03. All of it.

The Vespa Shoots Out

2012-01-02. Holidays in the sun.

Repeller of the Amorites

2011-04-17. Fences, neighbors.

Nostalgia in Portbou

2011-04-03. An obsolete but romantic travel ritual.

Unto This Last

2011-01-31. No more stories.

We Were Curled Up Together

2011-01-28. Time takes.


2011-01-26. New economy, new professions.

The Sweetest Man in the World

2011-01-25. Anyone want a lolly?

The Merry Go Round

2011-01-21. Love at the circus.

Celebrity Interview

2011-01-19. Exclusive.

Dungeon Master

2011-01-18. Playing the game.

Various Permutations of Us

2011-01-14. At least you know I’ll never forget you.

Mariner’s Lullaby

2011-01-12. Sleep, my little cuttlefish.

Breaking Out

2011-01-11. Break glass in case of life

Dingy yellow streetlights

2011-01-04. You…


2011-01-01. Helping.

Epistrophy Jazz Orchesta

2010-12-14. Maiden voyage of a new project.

Finding the Best Fighters

2009-08-24. Rating MMA fighters with graph theory.

Can You Feel the Knife?

2009-01-05. A small loss in the grand scheme.

Writing for Posterity

2008-04-28. How do we write for the ages as they leave us behind?

Prose Poems

2008-02-25. One of my favorite forms of literature.

Don Fernando

2008-01-16. Farewell, Don Fernando.

Dark, Deep-laid Plans

2008-01-12. Just keep looking, you’ll find it.

Anatomy Of A Failure

2008-01-08. Troubleshooting a short fable.

Sparrows and Flinches

2008-01-07. The cycle of life.

Would That These Walls Were Holy

2008-01-03. Fire and brimstone.

Ferry Tale

2007-01-09. Price of everything, value of nothing.

Proudhon Position

2006-10-12. A quotation that is also a workable position statement.

Private Tongues

2006-09-22. What language do you speak at home?

Meet Me After Dark

2006-08-14. The song of songs.

Corporate Malfeasance

2006-01-14. By request.

Monsters of Loving Grace

2005-07-06. Love is such a strange beast.

Playing the Game

2005-03-23. On the globalization of play.

Family Picnic

2005-02-10. A weekend in the life of a Bourgeois family.

Reality Television

2005-02-03. A pitch made to an American television network that, for legal reasons, must remain nameless, but which we will refer to as Marmot.

Musical Influences

2004-09-24. How not to become a guitarist.

We Cannot Touch

2004-09-01. Distance is relative.

Wishing Demon (Part II)

2004-09-01. Choices.

You See Her

2004-07-26. Strangers on a train.

How Not to Camp

2004-07-12. On the dangers of inadequate preparation.

Frozen Moment

2004-04-02. By request.

Night Watch

2004-03-17. Imagining what it’s like to be someone else.

God Only Knows

2004-02-27. God only knows what I’d be without you.

Do Not Disturb

2004-01-24. Why we do this.

A Day at the Opera

2004-01-21. Loose connections sometimes persist beyond reasonable boundaries.

The Indefatigable Admen

2004-01-04. Spam, spam, everywhere.

Cave Paintings

2004-01-02. Continuity within the human condition.

Love is Beautiful

2003-12-03. When first I fell.

Smuggling Absinthe

2003-11-17. Yet another valuable life lesson.

Cicero’s Six

2003-11-05. Mistakes of Man.

Common Disasters

2003-10-25. The most common disasters in the world.

Where were you?

2003-09-11. The morbid practice of re-living tragedy.


2003-08-16. Someone turned out the lights. All of them.

An American Portrait

2003-07-01. A man can be the country from whence he came.

Italian Lessons at Sea

2003-06-28. A drunken crossing of languages and cultures.

The Thing That Wasn’t There

2003-06-02. A meditation on the power of absence.

Personal Patois

2003-05-30. Living between languages.

Quote the вороной

2003-05-26. Strange bedfellows.


2003-05-12. Games warlords play.

Mathematics of Group Membership

2002-12-11. Graph theory applied to groups of persons.

The Basket

2002-10-28. A brief meditation on togetherness.

Lost Bicycles

2002-10-17. View from a train window.


2001-12-09. The birth of the anti-hero.