November Sketchbook

This month I mainly worked with plotting vector fields in Clojure. My favorite render was a colourful lozenge of a thing, that -- although a bit screensaver-esque -- I still rather like:

Vector Fields III, Clojure, 2017.

The runner up was this surprisingly biological result. The system of equations that produced it was quite similar to what produced the previous one, but with some parameter tweaking and a homemade filter applied at the end:

Cell, Clojure, 2017.

These three I kept because I enjoyed their texture and symmetries, reminding me somewhat of sand paintings.

Untitled, Clojure, 2017.
Untitled, Clojure, 2017.
Untitled, Clojure, 2017.

This entry is part of my journal, published November 30, 2017, in Berlin.