October Quil Report

This month I focused on geometrics and animated GIF collages. The first was inspired by Japanese kimono proportions and the golden section. There was an entire series of very similar shapes, but this one is probably my favorite.

Bad Origami #2, Quil sketch, 2015.

This was a crude early attempt to overlay geometric drawing on top of several layered images, a genre I think of as “computational collage”.

User Interface, Quil sketch collage, 2015.

Another piece created while playing around with animated computational collage.

Camera Galactica, Quil sketch collage, 2015.

This was a sort of first take on the way to producing this month’s final GIF.

Heaven and Earth: 1, Quil collage, 2015.
(Images by Valerii Tkachenko and NASA.)

GIF compression is especially brutal on this one, but I still like the look of it.

Heaven and Earth: 2, Quil collage, 2015. (GIF compression is brutal.)


This entry is part of Jack Rusher’s archive, originally published October 31st, 2015, in Berlin.